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"Michael's pragmatic approach to working with our company has made navigating through our legal issues both efficient and cost effective."

Richard Brewster, President
Zuroma Restaurant Group, Inc.

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Welcome to our Winery Law Practice website, which is designed to educate our current and future clients on the various aspects of winery and beverage law and our firm's capabilities.

Newcomb Law Group is a boutique business law firm with over twenty-five years of combined experience representing privately held small to medium sized businesses, in the areas of business/corporate law, beverage law (wineries, breweries, restaurants) asset protection, intellectual property and real estate law.

We adhere to a pragmatic approach in representing our clients by first understanding the needs/goals of our clients and then offering feasible solutions to those needs.  We focus on working with small to medium-sized wineries and assisting attorneys and law firms as special counsel.

We look forward to discussing with you how we can assist your winery and vineyard.


Michael W. Newcomb, Esq.
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NoCal: (707) 509-8701
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Experienced Winery and Beverage Lawyers

We represent a number of California wineries in both Northern and Southern California and are well versed in various Federal, State and Local laws affecting alcohol producers.  Newcomb Law Group is a full service business law firm and can assist your winery with:

Winery Formation

Choosing the right business entity (e.g. corporation or limited liability company), can have significant impacts as your winery grows.  We can help you understand and properly plan for continuity of control issues, management, limited liability, sharing of profits and losses, and taxation issues.

Trademark Registration and Protection

The protection of valuable intellectual property, including trademarks, is vital in maximizing the value of a winery's assets.  Our lawyers understand the nuances of protecting your trademarks and assist clients with registration of trademarks and service marks at the state, federal and international level.

Financing and Private Placements

Both wineries and vineyards need to be properly financed in order to maximize profits.  With the tightening of the lending markets, new wineries are more frequently considering non-lender based financing options.  We are experienced in guiding our clients through the numerous financing options and presenting solutions meet the immediate goals and allow future flexibility.

State Licensing and Federal Permitting/Bonding

Our attorneys can assist you and your consultants in preparing your original and transfer documents or responding to issues, which include obtaining your TTB permit and bond and obtaining California ABC approval for Type 02 or Type 17/20 licenses.

Alternating Proprietorship Agreements and Custom Crush Agreements

Wineries looking to minimize their investments in equipment and facilities often will enter into relationships with other wineries to share facilities.  We are very familiar with the nuances of drafting alternating proprietorship agreements and custom crush arrangements.

Acquisitions and Sales and Land and Wineries

Having attorneys that understand agricultural and the wine industry is crucial in maximizing value, whether you are purchasing or selling.  Our experience in the day-to-day operations of wineries and vineyards is unparalleled.


Vineyard management agreements, vendor contracts and disputes, partnership agreements are just some of the areas that we can assist your winery and brewery.

Winery Succession and Estate Planning

An area often overlooked by winery owners is succession and estate planning.  Our advanced strategies allow you to retain control, while ensuring estate taxes are minimized.

We can also help retailers, breweries and other licensees.